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    Nov 2004


    OMG this is a great surprise for me, especially considering the tough competition....I had some luck on this one
    My compliments to all !!! and thanks!!!

    my entry is made with Cinema 4d and VRAY for c4d (

    mia a.k.a. kizo

    P.S: some may know that Im kizo ( but here I used my old nick as it was my personal project.....
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    Feb 2007

    Congratulations! Realy amazing entries!!!
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    Jun 2006

    Hello all

    I would like to thank and congratulate the winner of the competition, was actually deserved, great picture.
    we are awaiting the next.


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    Congrats! Great work! I actually had mia_ render as my wallpaper at work! LOL
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    Oct 2008

    Originally posted by: Digital_Putty
    Congrats! Great work! I actually had mia_ render as my wallpaper at work! LOL
    mine too, great render, absolutely deserved 1 st place, but others exclude "steve cole's" work sux .........
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    Mar 2007

    roni@123 I can understand that you do not like the other works but it's not a reason to be rude.
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    May 2008

    its amazing man really nice can u plz tell us how u made the weat?
    cause its so nice man
    really nice render for me its the best
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    Feb 2008

    the response from some is disturbing, in the Miss Universe pagent there are many lovely ladies and only a couple of winners. Here too many very nice images, each with a mindset from the creator were created, and each a winner in their own way. Sometimes one must not expect the win, but enjoy the competition for competition sake, and, to improve ones self. I for one respect the difficulty of judging an entry. I respect the choices of the Judges, and thank each for the time they spent doing their review.
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