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    Rules & Guidelines

    Welcome to the Evermotion rendering competition. Your goal is to create an exterior scene based on the building model that you can download below. You can use any render and 3D software that you want, you can add objects, lights etc... just make it look better then good.

    Rules & Guidelines:

    * The attached 3D building must be a part and the main object of the scene
    * the camera angle, lightning, materials enviroment is your choice
    * You can use any 3D or rendering software of your choice
    * Late entries will be disqualified, so try to get your entry in on time!
    * The deadline for this competition is the 7th of june midnight central europe time
    * The minimum resolution for the shortest side of your final render should be at least 1000 pixels
    * Multiple entries are allowed (diferent camera angles for example), but only one is allowed for jury voting which you can pick yourself, teams are not allowed
    * Work In Progress renders are required, at least a few to proof that you made the scene yourself showing progress along the way
    * you can use premade models for the enviroment like trees, bushes,
    furnitures is not allowed to use evermotion models or any other
    models that are licenced, you can only use free models from Evermotion
    free stuff section or free sample models from our shop.
    * Staff members are allowed to enter but cannot win any of the prizes
    * Postprocessing using photoshop is not allowed (eg. photoshop filters)try to keep most of your 3d render
    * Use your own username or real name as the thread title of your entry
    * the 3D scenes of the winners will be avaialble to download for free from evermotion site


    GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL and if you have any questions just write them here.
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    At photoshop nothing allowed? especially color balancing, exposure, brightness/contrast?
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    Apr 2007

    can I modify the building? eq. plates on elevation?
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    Mar 2007

    steve_cole - you can use postprocessing if is a part of render curves inside Vray

    labad - yes you can add the plates
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    Originally posted by: Edi_W
    steve_cole - you can use postprocessing if is a part of render curves inside Vray

    labad - yes you can add the plates
    thanks, I didn't think for that
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    I am in dunno whether i can complete it till 31st May but still will try my hand in this,
    do we have to make new thread in rendering competition or directly post our wip renders with final render entries in this thread?
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    Oct 2007

    Dear Evermotion, Nice to hear about the Evermotion rendering competition. The result of rendering pictures will send to Evermotion? Please tell me details about that such as: address for sending...Thanks
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    Mar 2007

    one thread per user in the rendering competition section - put all in there wips etc...but at the end choose one render as your final.
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    Nov 2008

    hello, can i use FXTree in softimage for post ? it is inside the 3d package so does it count valid ?

    Thanks best regards
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    I can use for example IVy generator, or I must do all model in 3d soft?
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    Mar 2007

    vray4softimagexsi - yes you can

    jamiethomas - yes you can use IVy generator
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    Mar 2008

    can i use dreamscape ?
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    What about the scaling of the .jpg for less mb?...or the size doesn't matter?:P
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    Dec 2006

    i guess file size deosn'r really matter
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    Nov 2005

    Hi all,

    good luck
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    Nov 2008

    Thanks for answering!!
    i have another couple of questions!
    I dont get this since my english is a bit poor sorry, am I able to use multiple 3d softwares for the composition ? I am aware i cant use Photoshop, but what about if i use Zbrush, or maybe 3 or 4 different 3d softwares for modeling and detailing ?

    For example -> model an object in maya -> model another in 3dsmax -> detail in zbrush -> import everything in XSI and render it out with MR.

    Thanks for answering
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    Is it only exterior.. or both interior and exterior?
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    Originally posted by: MikeJohnson
    Is it only exterior.. or both interior and exterior?
    This time we just only work in the exterior !
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    Oct 2007

    i want to know if im inside in this competition?
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    A question and a guess, everyone registered at Evermotion is automatically registered for the competition? no separate registration is required. Meaning that i can submit my entry any time before the deadline without mentioning my intent to join prior to submission. Right????
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