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    Jan 2006

    Which collection would you want tobe the Archmodel ?

    Hi guys
    Please feel free to tell us about your idea with collection you want to be the Archmodel And It's would be great if you can post the reference picture here.
    Your cooperation would be appreciated
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    Sep 2008

    This might not be the right thread and might sound a bit silly, but when I'm browsing trough the archmodels catalog, I feel like I'm playing The Sims. Actually a lot of objects can be found, but some not. For example music instruments, toys or even pets and so on.

    Anyway, just my two cents, maybe it gives some ideas.
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    Dec 2006

    Next collection I will probably work on will be toys and everything you can found in child room + exterior playgrounds
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    how about some classic stuff, like furniture and light fixtures etc
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    Feb 2007

    i would like to see some classic papier mache, plaster molding ornamenting a ceiling
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    Dec 2012

    Some more people like Archmodels 1 & 2 would be nice. :-) I think they could use an update. :-)
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    Nov 2010

    what about electronic models like new brand of laptop, table & phones etc.
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    Nov 2009

    Since I do construction stimulations, I hope you guys build a collection of construction machinery such as:

    tower & crawler cranes
    concrete pump & concrete mixer trucks
    pile drilling vehicles
    hydraulic dump trucks & hydraulic concrete breaker
    steel and concrete cutters
    lifts, bobcats, excavators, rebar bender machine, etc. etc.

    and also some construction accessories such as:

    construction workers
    portable washrooms
    shovels & pickaxes
    pile of concrete debris and so on.

    Hope to see a collection of all these in the near future...

    P.S. Turbosquid already has some of these on sale "MEGA Construction pack", but for... $629.30. O_o
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    Apr 2020

    What about the kitchen products like Best Electric smokers, pellet Smokers, Propane and offset smokers for smoking and grilling

    Thanks in advance
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    Feb 2021

    Originally posted by: Mahmoud Rafik
    what about electronic models like new brand of laptop, table & phones etc.
    Sorry to bring up an old topic, but the idea is really cool. I, too, would be interested in seeing an electronic device in such a design.
    Have any variants been made yet?
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