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    Mar 2007

    Fast modeling competition. Edition 14 : toys

    Time you have : less then 3 hours

    Subject for this weeks is: toys (any kind of toys for child room)

    There are two things that you must to do to start in this contest:

    1. Post in this thread screen shot from viewport of your model (wire and shaded).
    2. Eventually you can post some render, but we wouldn't entertain it in final judgment.
    3. Write how long it take to model it.

    The price for first place as always : one of our CD's (can choose which, only Archinteriors, Archmodels or Textures4ever without Archshaders).

    COMPETITION END - 10-12-2008 (Dec 10th 2008)

    Best Regards
    Waniek Rafał alias Edi
    Evermotion Team
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    I like this subject for this competition... I want participate on this... Thanks edi for this competition...

    Best regards...
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    Aug 2008


    Hello everyone,

    I would like to take a part in this Speed Modeling Competition. Inspiration came after I saw some of Floris Howers works. So decided to use it as a reference.

    Modeling and shading took me about 2,5h(without rendering).

    Below you can see the result. Hope you like it.

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    Jul 2008

    Hi, this is toy from me/ marvin from mars ))
    Modeling took me about 70-80 min. (rendering 2min).
    Hope you like it.
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    May 2008

    to astuoni : i like tht welded joints modelling.. its nice idea.. gud luck bro.
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    Oct 2008

    hey, great work astuoni. i especially like the color bleeding effect from your third render. would you mind to share your secret? thanks
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    Nov 2004

    my tintoymodel

    hey everpeople, here´s my model


    around 2:10 hours without render
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    Jan 2008


    hello, this is my entry, the famous Domo-kun plush from japan


    45 minutes

    a wire, a shade and a quick render
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    Jun 2005

    Kon from Bleach for fun ^^

    1 hour modeling aprox.

    good luck all
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    Dec 2008

    Hi, my first post on these forums

    Been using 3DS for 2 months now and thought i'd give this a bash.... having looked at the rest of the forums it seems i have toooooooonnes to learn! but you gotta start somewhere eh!

    Here's my model, took 2 hours 35 mins approx.
    This is modelled around the original toy i had as a kid
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    Jan 2007


    Good theme for the competition, and some nice models already!
    When i was a kid, my number 1 toy was LEGO. So i chose to model a LEGO object. Its fun to model and its a bit of a challenge to do it.
    First i tried a LEGO advanced model, but after i had modeled for some time i had to admit that i would not complete it in time. So i chose a bit less complex object and started over. (I started to model all the parts and bricks from scratch again, of course). And even this time i didnt quite finish all. For the rims i just had to copy the steering wheel for example. But i think it tourned out well anyway.

    3ds max
    Time to model:
    3 hours

    And a quick render with Vray:

    Good luck to everyone!
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    Feb 2008

    Rubik´s Cube

    I think everyone of us have/had one

    Modelling time was about 5minutes
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    Aug 2008

    Hey, This is my entry, The "TONKA TRUCK" took just under an hour to model without the render. Very simple model but was my fav childhood toy, cheers!
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    Aug 2004

    Very interesting Contest !
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    Dec 2005

    my entry - A pig coin!

    My model is Pig Coin Bank. =)

    As always, I'll post my entry just with wires and shade, after that, I'll get back here and post some render, to ilustrate, ok?!

    Software: 3Ds Max
    Time: 1:30h
    Technique: Box subdivision

    Thanks everyone,

    Victor Ribeiro


    Ok, here is the final render. See ya!
    Last edited by victorribeiro; 2008-12-04 at 08:10 PM.
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    May 2007

    @larsem: ur model looks great....very nice model....everyone's model are looking good ...nice contest Edi.....
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    Aug 2007


    Hello everybody!

    I´ve decided to do a tabletop foosball, i made it a bit more futuristic than they normally appear. Instead of 3ds max I choosed to do the modeling in Rhinoceros. Used Vray for Rhino in the renderings. Time modeling 2 hours and 45 minutes for rendering.
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    Keychain Key stitch

    Frankly, I wanted to make statuettes in a child's room, but I have lasted more than 3 hours on this, so I make keychain for childrens keys.

    actualy this is stitch..from "lilo stitch"

    Time spended - 2h. 40min.
    Last edited by Constantin Os; 2008-12-09 at 11:21 PM.
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    Nov 2008

    Toys fast modeling contest

    Hi eveybody. I just gattered some images on the net and went for modeling. It took me about 160 minutes for the modeling part. Hope yu enjoy it.

    soft: Maxon Cinema 4d R10
    time: 160 min
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    Aug 2004

    Here is my model, A little train
    hope you like it
    Time to model: 2h40 in 3dsmax2009
    Good luck to all
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