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    3D People for walthrough...

    Can anybody help me finding 3d walking,talking,sitting People... for Architectural Animation n Walkthrough..

    I know RPC,but do not want to use...

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    Oct 2007

    u can try downloadin rocket box thy hv good collection of differnt characters.
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    Sep 2003

    I dont think there is anything better out there right now except for AXYZ People. They even have an HD pack. Unfortunetly, they dont have enough black people, models are not racially distributed.... but overall a pretty good library for whats out there on the web.

    These are prerigged models, simply download free biped files and apply to the rig. EXTREMELY EASY, couple of clicks really. Next thing you know you have walking people, talking, sitting - whatever the biped file dictates. Sometimes all those free bipeds wont work completely, just have to tweek it.

    No need for character animation skills. There are some good tutorials about this.
    Another way to extend this is to use something like MASSIVE... Now that program seems cool.... If you need hundreds, thousands of people this is the app. The movie 300, for example, I think used this for those huge scenes of 1000's...

    Anyway, my 2 cents.

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