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    Mar 2007

    Fast modeling competition. Edition 9 : Modern lamp

    Long time since last speed modeling lets make one .
    The idea of it is to do model in less than 2 h. Every 2 weeks we will choose one the best model and person who done it will win one of our CD's (can choose which, only Archexteriors,Archinteriors, Archmodels or Textures4ever)

    Subject for this weeks is: modern lamp.

    There are two things that you must to do to start in this contest:

    1. Post in this thread screen shot from viewport of your model (wire and shaded).
    2. Eventually you can post some render, but we wouldn't entertain it in final judgment.
    3. Write how long it take to model it.

    Lets the competition begin.


    Best Regards
    Waniek Rafał alias Edi
    Evermotion Team
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    May 2007

    competition end on 11 VIII 2008, correct?
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    Mar 2007

    ups ..yes on 11 VIII 2008 ...thx simonhc
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    hi folks

    my first speed here.

    Time modeling: 15min

    How many Models I can post here?

    cheers :]
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    Speed lamp

    modellign really is not my speicality so thought i'd join in

    anyway here is wire and shaded
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    Nov 2004

    well.. a simple question:
    the focus of this competition is the modeling skills or the lamp design ?
    so, the piece can be a reproduction ?
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    Mar 2007

    modeling skills, so it can be reproduction
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    Sep 2006

    Modern Light Model - Le Klint 172

    Here's a model which I started by drawing the cross-section of the folding shape of the pendant, using just basic splines. I then copied this section, mirrored it, and rotated it 36*. I then joined these two splines at their vertices, and added a surface modifier to that shape. I continued by adding a symmetry modifier, and then I adjusted the edges of the mesh until all of the seams between the symmetrical pieces were round and smooth. After this point, all I had to do to finish the model was add a couple more rotated symmetry modifiers, and smooth out the remaining edges. The metal hardware was added using basic 3d primitives.

    Total Time: ~1 hr. 50 min.
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    Feb 2006

    i will enter this comp. isa
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    Jul 2008


    It'll be my first speed modelling here, so here we go!

    Time: 1h 50min
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    Modern Lamp


    I'm in, and this is my modern lamp.

    I took half an hour, from modelling, materials and lighting, and over fifteen minutes to post-production and viewport grabing
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    Jun 2006

    Speed modeling of a lamp

    Hi there! Here is my modern lamp. Modeling and shading took about a half an hour.
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    Jun 2007

    well, how do u know if the times are actualy real time modeling, what if someone cheats saying that the modeling took him less than it actualy did?
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    Mar 2007

    Because we are all honest cg artist and there is no cheating here :P
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    Jan 2004


    This is my modern lamp.

    Took me 1 hour and 5 minutes to model and shading it. 8 minutes to render.
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    Mar 2007

    hehe nice one j0haan
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    Jul 2008

    Hi, here's my first post here in this forum.

    I'm a newbie in 3D modelling and I wanted to start with this competition. Well, my modern lamp is a low compsumption light that levitates thanks to magnetic fields, and works without wires or bateries. Also, it can be regulate and set up with the computer bia "wi-fi" because of its antennas.

    Here are the pictures and good luck for all!!

    Brainstorming: 10 min
    Modelling: 40 min
    Texturing: 15 min
    Rendeing: 20-30 min
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    Sep 2007

    nice design and rendering i like it
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    Sep 2007

    modeling of a Lamp

    Hello to all. Here is my post for the fast modeling of a lamp. Here i want to mention that when i took step for post after modeling i saw that it required a modern Lamp, but my model is like a classical lamp. So i want to give some excuses. 1) here the design of the lamp is not so important, the modeling procedure is the important thing. 2) not only the shape but also material defines the classical and modernity. I think by these excuses my model can be accepted for this competition.

    I have given the procedure of the modeling. It will not take from me again to model it more than 2 hours with shading. First time it took from me much time to decide the procedure to make it. I have used here nurbs modeling, loft end editable poly.

    Thank you everybody. I wish the very best for all.
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    May 2007

    My entry


    My model is a reproduction of a beautiful Magna lamp designed by Lievore Altherr Molina Studio

    The model itself isn't complicated, but I wanted to focus on resolving topology for problematic shapes that may not be visible at first sight. Check the timelapse.

    Wires and shaded attached

    Modeling time: 1 hour 5 minutes
    Timelapse x4:
    Model download in obj format at the bottom of this post:
    Images (fryrender ONE):

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