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    Apr 2008

    3D max problem

    When ever i load 3d max the viewports are reflected to what ever is on the desk top or if you have a window open like another program and you cover 3d max with it and then close the program it is on 3d max view port.

    That's the best way i can explain it i remember that this one person said that i should uninstall my primary and my secondary IDE controllers in the device manager, well i did uninstall the primary first then i restarted my comp the i uninstalled my secondary and restarted my comp, but it still didnt work out like it did last time.

    Please help me i have no clue as to what i am to do about this loss i have gained.
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    Apr 2005

    I think this has to do with your Graphics card and some problems max still has with direct3D10. But indepth answer you may get, when you contact autodeskpeople and tell them about that strange behavior.
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