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    Vray : Scene bounding box is too large

    I get the error, scene bounding box is too large, a lot of time. I have search a lot to find how to correct this. I have find that it is mostly due to 0,0 coordinates and unit. This error is about raycast that miss ram for itself.

    I want to know if there is a solution to this. I'm using Vray 1.5 final on winxp 32 bits. I have not switch my windows to 3 GB for now. I have try one time and I got blue screen. I think I haven't right correctly the line in the boot.ini.

    I'm doing architectural scenes in metric mm. Habitually, my display unit and system unit are in mm. I dont know whats the best for the unit. I have seen a lot of times that they where suggest to work in meter. I have try a test. I have start a new scene and change my display unit to generic units and change my system unit to metric. I have merge my work in this scene and I scale it to match with meter unit, but it scrap lighting, material and camera. Can someone help me with this probleme ?
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    I think change the metrics frm mm to meter..
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