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    May 2007

    BRIO Mighty Red Locomotive

    Hey guys, here's my submission.

    The main object is 13.1x3.4x5 cm plastic toy manufactured by BRIO. It sits on wooden rails.

    I started this project one day after the contest was announced and have been modeling, texturing and rendering it until now. It was my first attempt to sculpting and working with Fryrender. Hope you like it.

    This work was inspired by a beautiful render made by Tobias DahlÚn.

    Here's some info about the production:


    main object base mesh - 12 000 polys
    subdivision lvl 2 - 190 000 polys

    uv mapping

    After modeling locomotive and rails I made uv maps for every single object in the scene.


    Diffuse and specular maps have been painted directly on the mesh.
    Thanks to Zipper for providing me fantastic scratch maps.


    The subdivided mesh was displaced using image based sculpting. The final GL triangles count was over 2 millions.
    The baked displacement map was 1024x1024.

    Displacement map:


    Only 2 lights. The bluish light on the left is just a simple plane. On the right side the warm emitter is applied to the fairly small geosphere.
    The rendering time was about 50-60 hours, but most of time it was on low priority. The main issue was the sss noise. I had to use aeronoise a lot.

    Here's a small gif showing SSS and displacement in the scene:

    After finishing my first fryrender project I would like to present my personal wishlist for the final version:

    - much bigger histogram, it could be placed in a pop up window
    - invert displacement values. I had to flip normals to force fry to displace the mesh inwardly
    - 32bit (or even higher ) image exporting, or a plugin to photoshop for dsi import
    - curves editing
    - optimal frame rendering when exporting layer blending animations, to prevent fry from rendering many frames with exactly the same information.

    Best regards,
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    wow you ve put a lot of work into this ! yes it takes a lot of time for the sss to clear .. i used aeronoise also. anyway, good luck !
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    Jan 2005

    awesome details like always
    gif relly shows the difference between sss and displaced versions really adds to realism u could do that using bump tho ;P
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    Dec 2006

    Nice wooden parquette would be good addition but of course it really doesn't matter that much since main task is model not background .
    I realy like your detailed work and its presentation. Thanks for adding that gif which really shows difference with & without sss and disp.
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    May 2007

    Thanks guys!


    Yeah, but I had to put it somewhere ;D


    It would look nice but I wanted to keep the contrast between the "warm" rails and cold, polished aluminum, just like it is on the background wall.
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    Sep 2007

    The materials is perfect!!!

    Good work.
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    May 2006

    Nice Image

    If I had one compliant it would be the 521 numbers.
    I'm not sure if it's the angle or the bright yellow, but the numbers stand out a touch too much and seem to not match up with the lighting or the train.
    Maybe a darker yellow that can display some of the shading, a slightly different angle?
    Otherwise, excellent and detailed work.
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