1. Hanken

    Try the Fry ^_^

    So here are my first tests with fry,i know it looks horrible,
    with all the grain (low rendertimes) and stuff,because i just want to see how
    the sss looks like,so i put a premade emitting objekt into the lamps
    and let it cook over night without any tweaking of the materials.
    So none of these images going to be a final one.
    Till 8 october its a lot of time so i think i can make 3 or 4
    better images.

    Try fry for 9 days ^_^.
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  2. Join Date
    Dec 2006

    hi , nice first sss tests, keep trying !
  3. Hanken

    Thanks vel .
    So next image,this time i tried the singel sheet
    scattering effect,on a lamp,rendertime was 1 hour.

    greez Basti

    Update (1): same scene with the table,but this time i
    put a candle - lightbulb - thing on it ^_^.
    Rendertime was, 1 hour, again.
    I like fry^^ ok my images are very noobish, but
    im still trying .

    Update (2): new scene, only a few spheres with a sss
    material and a lightsource in the middel,again 1 hour

    one Ear
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