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    Sep 2007

    Archmodel Volumes for Maya Vray??

    Hi all,

    I am wondering if Archmodels will be delivered in .ma/.mb + Vray format. Vray beta is out for Maya and soon a full release and we would love to speed up our turn around by purchasing fully rigged material straight into Maya natively rather than use an exchange format.

    Can anyone tell me if Evermotion plan to incorporate Maya support for their products?

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    Apr 2007

    Good question, and Blender/Vray project is under development. Blender formats must be added.
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    Sep 2008

    I think it will take some time until Blender VRay textured Models will be avaible.
    But I think Bertrandb has already some models especially textured for using with the VRay Export Plugin for Blender :-)
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