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    3dmax 9 crash

    When im start to render some scene (like Evermotion Archexteriors), after some times 3dmax just crash . There is error message "Bitmap Filter Error. Cant allocate filter table for the file. Not enough memory". I have 3d max 9, vray 1.5 r5, service pack2, 2 gb ram and e6400. I found that problem might be the final picure or map's resolution, but i decrease resolution on 800x600 and problems is still here. Please help!
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    May 2006

    i have the same problem. does anybody know how to fix this!???
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    Sep 2003

    this is usually a problem with the amount of ram you have.... 2gb isnt alot anymore.... you need to add more ram....

    once you do this you need to involk a 3gb switch on bootup.... if you go to the vray forum there is a sticky note giving you the code to do this....

    since I have done this..... havent received that error....

    hence this is usually with LARGER scenes...

    another option you can try is sending your images through backburner using strips.....

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    Sep 2005

    u need add more ram u need 4 gb ram or more
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    Dec 2005

    uhum; I think 4gb isn't enough cause I've the same problem here..
    quadcore and 4gb ram.

    this is my problem:

    and this is the result and how I solved it maybe nt the best solution but it worked

    ah by the way, is there anyone that knows why there is an option under vray to determine the amounth of ram used? static/dynamic cause it seems to use as much as it needs, and that's up till 2.85Gb I think and then viz (cause we're using that at school) crashes maybe max is better? - let me know -

    kind regards
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    Ive never got a straight answer as to why dynamic isnt set in vray by default however that is specific to vray renderer and that can be set as a preset.

    From my understanding its more specifically related to a 32 bit OS. The OS will only use less than 3 GB of ram - rougly the same that pietervanstee mentioned.

    This also includes the virtual ram as well.... When you open up your task manager and review the ram usage make sure to include VIRTUAL RAM.... and you see exactly when it crashes....at about that 3 gb...

    If you enable a 3gb switch and obviously you need MORE RAM (more than 3 gb- get it) for this to actually work.... the operating system will let you render and max hopefully wont crash...

    I have definetly been successful since enabling the switch... But I still have had crashes...

    Which really brings everyone to a BIGGER discussion....

    Modeling technique, adding 3d models in your scenes where you dont know who modeled them...

    Polygon count is still very critical. Ive been doing this for over 12 years now and more NOW than ever Im really watching the count... cuz as we all know its taking longer to render with renderers' such as vray, etc.

    I mean what the heck... Computers are exponentially quicker and its still taking so long to render these images.... Well again - look at the images we are able to produce now.

    Point being, if you are not modeling ALL of your content; dont just start adding a bunch of free downloaded content off the web... Use wisely, use programs like polygon cruncher.....

    All of these things, I believe can reduce rendering crashes and more importantly - rendering times........

    My 2 cent rant.
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    Dec 2007

    I'm using 3d max 09 + vray 1.5RC3, i don't really know what's the problem cuz whtaever i do, simple things like attaching materials or draft rendering the program showing this warning "an error has occured and the application will now close". and asking to save or close the program. can anyone please thell me hoe to fix this matter. my computer's property Dell optiplex GX745, intel core2, 3GB RAM.
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