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    Nov 2005

    Arch int 8 problems

    When i render the sene no 9 ( kitchen) my result is very blown out compared to the render you give. Is this due to

    1. Not having my gamma right in preferences, if so how should it be set up
    2. You have done post on the render, if so what settings

    A combination of the 2 ?

    If it is all post i would love to know to save me the headache of going through all permutations of the settings in vray and max !!
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    Mar 2007

    When loading a scene that have been created using older version of Vray, the program ask you if you want to update the scene models or render it as in old version - you have to choose YES/NO , just choose no and everything should be ok.

    I have just rendered the same scene with new version of Vray 1.5 and everything is fine.

    BTW we never use post production in our products.
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