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    Apr 2005

    Scene Bounding box is too large....

    Hello evermotioners and friends,
    I stepped over a warning message while rendering.."Scene bounding box is too large, possible raycast errors." I searched in the forums here in the net, but could not find an answer. Anyone is there, who might tell me what that means and how to avoid that?
    So far my renders do not show any visible errors, or i am not able to detect them. Thanks a lot.

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    you scene scale is to large... vray has his own limits. dunno excaly why and how meaning that things in your scene can be larger then vray can handle. thus erros appear.

    Try rescaling your scene. that should get rid of this warning.
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    Apr 2005

    hello martijn, thank you for your info...your explanation also helped me with another phaenomenon...that vrayphysical cam rendered upside down...this is the result of a too small (underscaled ) scene....
    tot siens..
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    Aug 2006

    I have met this problem. In my scence, the errors is i created a shape from a editable poly, but this edittable poly is too large.I thinks it error because you tried rendering a shape with renderable method. So i think you try another way to render this shape. Ex., set the lattice modifier to the editable poly. Yes, this is my way...
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