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    May 2005

    how can i made a curtain wall

    please i want to know how can i made a curtain wall with reflected class pls it`s very boring for me and i cant get it reality with the good configration of v-ray so how can i made this material i want it to be reality curtain wall
    does i have to make all enviroment to get it cool and good please help in curtain problem
    hint i`m architecture and i design a highest building with curtain wall
    please any one help me
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    May 2005

    why there isn`t a replay
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    May 2005

    this an image i want comment pls and i`m ready for sharing the max file
    in gray scale it`s very good but when i put the material itisn`t looks good
    soluthion pls
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    Sep 2003

    Hi there m8,

    Well i dunno exacly what you are trying to ask but well i guess you want to create a realistic glass material, or somesort of a reflecting glass ?

    Well if you want full reflection just set the reflection color to white. But as in real life the reflection needs an environment to reflect. this mean you can do a couple of things.
    Use a HDRI to simulation a reflection environment.
    Build an Environement in 3D

    HDRI is easy to use and there is an tutorial you can find on my website, www.pixelstudio.nl

    For the material, check vraymaterial website http://www.vray-materials.de/ to get an idea how material work....

    Hope this helps.
  5. Pop Alexandra

    Thanks for sharing, mate! Means a lot!
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