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    Dec 2003

    landscape solutions

    Hi all,
    i need quite a large amount of trees and plants in an animation job.
    done with vray of course.
    what should i use to minimise rendering time and avoid problems, but
    still having a good quality trees? has to work with vray.
    I would appreciate your professional help

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    Jul 2006

    i would suggest you to put 2d trees in the back at the horizons and which mainly doesnot come in view, you can use onyx treestrom for 3d trees, there are many trees in 3d like xfrog but you need to optimise them to manage your file size.........use trees wherever required only on required areas
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    Sep 2006

    use vray proxy for your trees model.
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    Oct 2006

    well or use forst tree , it works if u will c them from far away search for this soft wear i-too, its about 2d plans but linked to the camera easy and fast
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