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    Jun 2004

    nice stuff dude.......
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    Dec 2004

    U did a great job tecsun, congrat. so noise is a bit too much maybe coz the image rez was big.. u can adjust in relation to the image rez to make it more appropriate, anyway very nice lightining.. tell a bit about ur light setup plz! thx.
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    Apr 2006

    Hector_HN -
    you're welcome.

    cjworsy -
    LOL~ thank you. My routine job also work based on the measurement from architect, that's why I done this for a practise. It's really fun & challenging doing without measurement.

    umerfaseeh -
    thank you.

    uchimata -
    Hi, here is the lighting setup & material for the table lamp:

    mukks -
    thank you.

    virtuos -
    thanks. It is noisy because I just used a medium setting. Just posted the lighting setup. ^_^
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    Sep 2005

    hi~tecsun...since registerd i never post...wakakaka....this is the first time i reply...aiks..came here support u also~
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    Mar 2004

    Congrats tecsun !!

    Hey Tecsun, this is amazing...

    I didn't find on the link, the settings for your render....? The link is dead and couldn't see the attached file..! pity !
    Can you post it again ?!

    By the way, what settings did you use to make the Depth of field ?
    thank you !!!

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    Apr 2006

    protoeden -
    hey brother, thanks for your support. I'm surprised to see you here!

    Archidoc -
    Hi! thank you! Which setting do you refer to? the lighting setup? I hosted that at Imageshack so I guess there is no problem to view it, and it still working now. Maybe the time you try to open it imageshack was down for a moment. Here is the direct link for the image:

    For the depth of field, I didn't use Vray Physic Camera DOF, instead I add it manually in Photoshop without using Z-depth. I don't like z-depth because I still donno how to use it correctly (I tried but cant get what I want so far, still need some experiment). So I paint it using the Blur tool (copy merge and paste my layer), and as you use blur tool, it will always blur the whole area and give an unnatural look. So I apply a layer mask and then mask out those affected area behind the table lamp. Here I attached my photoshop layer to clarify what I did:
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    Apr 2006

    Just realize I got the Best of Evermotion, thank you very much everybody and big thanks to Evermotion Team. Thanks a lot!!!
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    Jan 2004


    Looks fantastic! How do you create the image with the wireframe on it? I can't seem to figure that one out. Thanks
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    Mar 2004

    hey again

    Hey Tecsun,

    thank you very much for replying me!
    Thank you as well for the settings of the depth of field, I'll try to expirement this soon.

    Well, I asked for the light settings in fact. meaning, which system light did you use ? lightcache, irrandiance etc ? do you have some value ? and also for the sun; what values ? did you use also some color mapping ?

    Tahnk you for your advices!!

    can you post pictures?
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    Apr 2006

    sorry for taking so long time to reply. I was busy with my job lately.

    andrius3d -
    apply a VrayEdgesTex in your diffuse slot then you will have it! ^_^

    Archidoc -
    as you can see from my pic above, I used vray plane/sphere light and vray sun.

    I used Irradiance map + lightcache, value is 1.0 for both as default. I use Linear Work Flow as discussed in Vray Forum, folks there already provide very details information, so I'm not going to explain it here. Check out this link:
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    Feb 2004

    Thanks tecsun
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