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    coconut pen

    This is my last work, a platic pen for a spanish company.
    I used Rhino, 3dsmax7, Vray, Photoshop
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    May 2006

    nice fast work ,.,.i liked the colored one ,.,go on,,
    i've modeled somethin like ur's,,but rotring,,,go 'n have a look ,waittin 4 ur comment there,. =D
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    Jul 2006

    hey please let us know your material settings for the plastic
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    plastic setings

    This is the transparent plastic setings.
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    Jul 2006

    the material is great man i tried playing with it and got stunning results thanks xdpayeras for the settings
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    May 2005

    the colored pens looks really nice.

    i think u may need to reduce the floor reflection. its too much, quite distracting. also u can use glossy reflections for floor [ blurry ]
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    Thanks For The Coments
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