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    Jan 2004

    Fast modeling competition. Edition 3 : Toys.

    Hallo Evermotion users !

    Today i would like to start new competition on our forum . The idea of it is to do model in less than 2 h. Every 2 weeks we will choose one the best model and person who done it will win one of our CD's (can choose which, only Archinteriors, Archmodels or Textures4ever without Archshaders).

    Subject for this weeks is: Toys.

    Winner of edition 1 was Klicek :
    Winner of edition 2 was tribal_tuesday :

    There are two things that you must to do to start in this contest:

    1. Post in this thread screenshot from viewport of your model (wire and shaded).
    2. Eventually you can post some render, but we wouldn't entertain it in final judgment.
    3. Write how long it take to model it.

    Lets the competition begin.

    COMPETITION END - 28 I 2007

    With regards
    Tomasz Wyszolmirski
    Evermotion Team
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    May 2006

    how coul i insert my image here ..... i know only how to post a new thread with attached image...but to post areply with images,i don't know..plz send me....and alot of thanks
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    Mar 2005

    Toy Plane

    Here's my first entry, a nice and simble toy plane.
    Took 1hr.5min. in 3d Studio Max 8

    ps. to taz architect, be sure to press the "post reply" button, in there you will find the "Manage Attachments" button, that's how you attach images .
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    Feb 2004

    Toy modeling competition submital

    Hi, Im afraid I have posted my submision to another´s guy post... Ups...sorry.
    Any way, I hope this one posts well.

    The model was done in max7, all polymodeled from two boxes, expept for the cockpit, that was done in nurbs.
    The idea is that the toy is like an space explorer or something like that, as kids press it down and release it, the toy would jump up and foward.
    The modeling took 1hr 48mins. I attach some images of the modeling in diferent stages, wire, solid and one rendered image.
    Critics and comments always welcome.
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    May 2006

    thanks a lot mr.dragon tamer.....i didn't c post reply ... :-)
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    May 2006

    hi guys is is my toy. (a futuristic baby rattle, with one of those sfere type things with those gasious archs.)

    i desided to model something for a baby, something that could keep then busy and mabe develop brain functionality

    any comments are welcome.

    this model took about 20 minutes.
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    Jul 2006


    ok guys this my submission for the fast modelling
    total modelling time: 45 mins
    toy1: 20mins
    toy2: 25mins
    modelled in 3Ds max 9
    polys: 9,694 polys
    rendered in Vray 1.5rc3
    hope you all like it..............

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    Mar 2005

    Here's my 2nd entry, it's a teddy bear, hopefully you can tell .

    I used 3d studio max 8 it took me 1hr 42min.

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    Jan 2007

    Ipod nano. Took 15 min. Ignore the wine glasses they are there for reflection.

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    Sep 2006

    wow !! I'm registered but I never took pqrt to qny of the qctivities !! I'm definitely interested ! I'm at work actually but I'll post mine in a few good job guys !!
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    Oct 2006

    This is my first ever entry into any kind of contest. I am pretty new to the modelling scene so my models aren't very high caliber, but I like having a topic to model with, these contests are great for practice.

    My entry: Pull-String Grub
    Time: 1h55m
    Scene Totals:
    Objects: 15
    Shapes: 1
    Cameras: 0
    Lights: 2
    Helpers: 4
    Space Warps: 0
    Total: 22

    Mesh Totals:

    Verts: 6990
    Faces: 10017

    I didn't take direct desktop screenshots because I run at a huge widescreen res and I didn't want to post massive screens miniature screen caps after being photoshopped.
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    Oct 2005

    Hi there Ever's

    Here is mine

    Play-Doh, Dr. Drill 'n Fill

    1h 35min

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    Apr 2005

    Sometimes women played with my heart as with TOY
    modeling: ~40m
    rendering setup: 20m
    rendering process: 22m
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    Feb 2004

    I like how you refer your heart as being played with a toy. hehehe
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    Sep 2005

    Hello,this is my first post on this forum,i've been watching for a long time.Wonderful entryes,my favorite until now is coolpranz.I tried to replicate a drum kit for children,didn;t achieve a very realistic look,but hey,practice makes perfect.
    Modeling time:60 min
    Rendering:30 min
    Software:3d max 9 + vray rc3
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    Oct 2005

    Jouet Bois

    Ok Right A Simple Modeling With Cylidres Limp Capsules Extrussion According To Way Etc…
    Excuse Me For My English.

    Duration Of Modeling +/- 01h30
    Duration Of Returned +/- 38 Min.

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    Apr 2005

    Originally posted by:
    Ok Right A Simple Modeling With Cylidres Limp Capsules Extrussion According To Way Etc…
    Excuse Me For My English.

    Duration Of Modeling +/- 01h30
    Duration Of Returned +/- 38 Min.

    smoothing groups looks bad
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    Jul 2006


    this is my next one, i completed this in 1hrs 05mins excluding rendering, it took little time for me to understand its machanism but i completed it

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    Jul 2005

    Toy: Wood train
    Modeling time 1h00m
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    Feb 2006

    Hello evermo's....competition is very i decided to give a try, it's my 1st post ever for a competition....and here it is,modelled in max 8,modelling time 1hour 56 mins....



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