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    Tutorial competition (January)

    Hallo Evermotion users !

    Today i would like to start next competition on our forum . The idea of this is to write a tutorial about modeling, rendering, texturing or painting and post in this thread. Best tutorials will be posted on Evermotion main page, and person who did it will also win one of our CD's (can choose which, only Archinteriors, Archmodels or Textures4ever without ArchShaders).


    1. Post your tutorial as zip attachment or as article (text + links to images)
    2. If you want to win, your tutorial shouldn't be posted on any other CG portal.
    3. Don't use other people tutorials.

    Lets the competition begin.

    Last thread : http://evermotion.org/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=56820

    With regards
    Tomasz Wyszolmirski
    Evermotion Team
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    first try


    --Create straight line, mark anable in viewport and enable in renderer, change thickness maybe on 3 and convert to editable poly (1)
    create another line and do these same steps like point one ( but a thickness change on 1.5) and convert to poly (2)
    create two plane first plane will be sustained and stumy, second will be smaller and thinny (4) (change affect pivot only like on the screen (5))
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...a4461bc0c.html (1)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...489312b58.html (2)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...90c0d1fed.html (4)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...90c0d1fed.html (4)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...30b0e9ddf.html (5)

    --ok. now open a particle view(Grath Editorsparticle view) and creat pfsource and event like in picture (3)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...335095b19.html (3)

    --in position object add line (the bigger) (6)
    in shape instance add in particle geometry object a plane (the bigger) and change scale,variation (7)
    now select all in pfsource 01 and event 01 and copy (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) (8)
    in new creat particle geometry object add line (small) and delate bigger line (9), in particle geometry object add a plane the smaller (10), the rest leav without changes
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...5822532a0.html (6)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...72771e497.html (7)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...ec1872100.html (8)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...de4205d25.html (9)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...40aaf9e3b.html (10)

    --last thing in birth01(11) change amount to 4000 do this same with birth02 (12)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...61a755cfa.html (11)
    http://www.fotosik.pl/pokaz_obrazek/...c8d59a61c.html (12)


    thanks for reading my first tutorial
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    Creating simple interior scene using 3ds max and Vray 1.5 RC2

    In this tutorial I want to show you my tehnique of preparing interior scene. If you are doing everything step by step like me, you’ll be able to create your own interior in the future.

    So let’s begin

    • Modeling

    Window hole:
    1) Create 4 boxes. They will be our walls. It should be something like this:

    2) Select one of smaller boxes and convert it into Editable Polly (RMB click on the element):

    3) Select “Ignore Backfacing”, and select two polys on the opposite sides of the box (wall)

    4) Using “Insert” tool create smaller polygons. (This is shape of our window hole)

    5) “Delete” these polygons. You should have something like that:

    6) Now create 4 new polygons to cap empty spaces using “Create” tool:

    7) Scale your window hole to the natural size, example:

    Door hole:
    As we know, door in house should have the right size. I use most tipical size of the door which is 80 x 200 cm

    1) So let’s create box with given dimentions:
    and put it “into” our biger box (wall)

    2) Convert newly created box into Editable poly, and using “Quick Slice” create new Edges, which will be contour of our box:

    3) Delete box and polygons from door place:

    4) Using “Create” tool, create 3 new polygons on the empty space in our door hole. Now our 2 walls with door and window holes should to be similar to this:

    1) In the “Window hole” create a box, which will be a little bigger then hole. And this box should have two Width Segs:

    2) Select 4 polygons on the opposite sides and using “insert” you should get this effect:

    3) “Create” 8 new polygons:
    http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/06Okno(02).jpg You’ve just created a window frame

    4) Now we should create glass frame, try to create something like that:

    5) Copy glass frame and put it into right place. Create 2 new boxes, and place them into glass frame: Take a look: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/06Okno(04).jpg

    6) I have create some simple door handle – try to achieve the same effect: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/05Klamka.jpg

    Door handle:
    Simplest way is the best way
    1) so using spline create similar shape

    2) Add “Lathe” Modyficator and you should have smooth 3D handle:

    3) All of our objects :

    1) Create box with two “length Segs”. Create smaller polygons on the top and using “Extrude” option create something like this:

    2) As you can see in the top view, our bed isn’t straight:

    3) Using scale options, make our bed perfect:

    4) Go to the Perspective view, and select top polygon. Create something like that:

    5) Extrude this polygon inside of our bed

    I created simple mattress: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/10Materac(01).jpg. And now we will try to create some type of burr

    1) Convert your mattress (with Turbo Smooth) into Editable Poly, and Select Edges around the mattres. Here we will have our burr: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/10Materac(02).jpg

    2) Press “Create shape from Selection”, and press ok http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/10Materac(03).jpg Now you have two splines...

    3) Edit them in this way: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/10Materac(04).jpg and now, our burrs are ready

    4) Place out mattress into bed and scale it to fit in. http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/10Materac(05).jpg

    1) Firstly I created something like this:

    2) Now just do everything like me, step by step

    3) Effect:

    1) Try to create some simply shape of pillow, example: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/13Poduszka(01).jpg

    2) And once again – step by step

    3) And our final bed effect:

    And take a look on the whole room:
    (Try to create new object just like me, they will make our scene more realistic)

    • Materials

    When you weren’t looking, I have added shaders to all of our models :

    And now I want to show you all of my settings of materials. So let’s begin:
    1) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(01).jpg – wood on the walls have the same material, only different texture
    (texture for this material: http://img455.imageshack.us/img455/8678/01na8.jpg)
    2) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(02).jpg – use the same material for the door
    3) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(03).jpg - (texture for "Mask" slot: http://img241.imageshack.us/img241/4654/maskrr8.jpg)
    4) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(04).jpg
    5) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(05).jpg – for the windows and all of handles
    6) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(06).jpg – to get white plastic, change only color in diffuse on white (253 253 253) (TV I've downloaded from Evermotion Free Stuff
    7) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(07).jpg
    8) http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(08).jpg – firstly make sure that our lamp have box mapping in UVW mapp, and then: http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/18Materialy(09).jpg
    Please, don’t use ONLY this material to light your scene, effect wouldn’t be nice. This is only a fake of lamp light :]

    • Landscape

    I have downloaded my landscape from http://www.wpanorama.com/panoramas.php?page=01f. You can find there a lot of free landscapes in a big resolutions.

    Creating landscape 360 step by step :

    And the shader for the landscape:

    • Camera

    I have added very small FOV to see all of our models, of course you can set it just as you want. http://www.luviz.pl/evertut/20Kamera.jpg

    • Render Settings

    I haven’t used any lights because, our room will be light by Vray Enviroment.
    Before I finally rendered the image, I set subdivision parameter in all materials to 15

    And thats all I think I hope that this short tutorial will help you and that you’ve learned something about creating simple interior scenes

    Big kiss for Leru- my Jedi master!

    Best regards
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    Hello people, Nic tutors Maguu and nielot007.

    I'm also creating a tutorial right now, but i was wondering if i could post the tut in PDF form (cause of better layout).
    Also i can create a ms-word file for it, so is it okey to post them in those formats ?

    I sure hope so, but well until then i'll be updating/editing this post.

    Well here is the tutorial, i have no idea if you guys can follow this. i sure hope so. if not then maybe i can make a simpler version.

    Subject : Maxscript by a practicle example
    Link : PDF document link
    Extra files : complete maxscript and RAL input values

    Best regards

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    Great Pixelstudio

    Contact me ... Choose CD and write where we should send it
    We will post tutorial soon on main page

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    Hi there MF, i ope you received my mail, and i'm looking forward to see the tutorial on the frontpage.
    if you need any help getting it on the frontpage i'll be glad to help you out .

    In the old days i did much for evermotion, still i see a couple of layout idea from me hehehe.

    But well

    happy 3d'ing to everyone
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    I must convert it into html ... Doc. or something would be helpful ..
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    MF : is competition end...?
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    No. We have just month editions. But I am thinking about making a section for this. Every tutorial posted here can win .
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    Hi, i have my own tutorial created 10 days ago, but I posted on my blog. Can I posted here and copetite.

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    i have problem with attachemnt..

    i hope itsnt late..
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