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    Jan 2004

    Well, what can I say, cheating will always exist... But look at this from other way. If someone isn't good to do nice model in 2h, he even if will do it in 4h it will be still not enough to win... So lets work harder and win in fair play than cheat and be still to weak to be best ! ...

    We are waiting for more entires !

    With regards.
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    Sep 2004

    overhaul--> i thing nobody dare to cheating, everyone made speedmodels for fun and practice....
    btw. i had breaks two or tree (dont remember ) and i have one max file not created copy (start and finish)
    nice models everone
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    Dec 2006

    Hi..great idea..I try model something noninsect,either
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    Nov 2004

    Rayman Raving .......

    Hi everybody....
    i'd like to submit my last 1,5 hour work.... (i think you'll see the "1,5 h" ;-)

    Insipred by last UBISOFT success Rayman Raving Rabbids.....
    next step..... try to fit to a biped..... someone like help me?

    Thank You !
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    Jan 2004

    albatetra - Its cool ! ... Just post a wire too

    my next example 1,5 h:

    I of course don't start in competition

    With regards.
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    Nov 2004

    Rayman Raving..... Wire

    Thank you.....MF, your MOTOR-AIDED Beetle is amazing!

    ....I add the wire version.....any help for biped?

    Best regards

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    Hi there!
    This is a very good idea, I'm a newbee in this but I'll try to do something, cuz in this way I can practise.
    And everybody please be honest don't lie about the time, I tried to ideas but I couldn't do them in the time limit, but I'll try again with new modells and maybe i can post something soon.
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    Jul 2004

    My entry and video :

    speed up 600%

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    Jul 2006

    hi guys my first level amateur model of a lizard:
    model time: 1 hr 50 mins

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    hey ! here is my try for this challenge. it's a little fat mouse
    a Pc mouse . done in 1 hour 14 minutes and textured and renderd in about half an hour. ...maybe spent to many time on it ...but here it is

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    Here I am after 2H of work... I wanted to model a raider ship faster as I can..

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    Dec 2006

    so there is my took 1:53 hour...I hope you will like it

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    Oct 2005

    hi mf (Tomasz Wyszolmirski )
    good idea for this section but you know every competition have subject
    it is better that u select 1 subject and show picture in forum then request from users who do in competition modeling this subjet like photo
    then u can select modeling with best detail and fast doing with best material and render my opinion for the persons who done it will win one
    it is better prize that u use their modeling in next volume or make 1 volume from evermotion with winner in fast modeling compitation

    it is better that select your CD's (can choose which, only Archinteriors, Archmodels or Textures4ever).
    with regards :arash361
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    Aug 2005

    This is my entry.
    modeling something about 1h 40min
    hope you like it

    and render:
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    I just saw the Competetion, gr8 spirits

    I just needed to know two things
    #1. If we can post some model prepared-n-presented earlier in similar challenge on some other forum [I think its NO].

    #2. If we can enter the competition more than ONE time
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    Jan 2004

    Well... Model must be done during competition and it can be presented on some other forum. In next edition there will be specified subject so there will be no opportunity to post the same model in 2 or more similar competitions.

    And yes you can enter the competition more than once.
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    Jan 2004

    There is one more week to post your speed models!
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    Nov 2005

    Hi all! I have question! I have made a human character for a project. And I made the head in 2hours. But it was not for this competition. I made it for a week ago. Can I still post it?
    And also its kind of high-poly and Im afraid that people want believe me when I say that I made it in 2ours.. It kind of surprised my self, when I look at the clock. Cause I started 2P.M and was Done 4P.M.. But anyway If I can post it. Its up to the judges to make that call..

    Daniel (Danros)
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    Nov 2005

    I take my chances.. Here it is.

    This character is for my school project.

    Modelled in 3ds Max 8.0
    Time: 2Hours..

    Important: DO NOT INCLUDE THE EARS. I remember that was something I made before and change it and put it on the character. I don't have my hard disk right here. So I cant access my files right here. So I cant take away the ears.. I hope that is not a problem. If it is. I can change it

    Last edited by danros; 2006-12-27 at 01:45 AM.
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    Jun 2004

    It takes me 45 minutes.
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