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    Jul 2004

    Forgotten Athene

    hi guys
    after couple month doing side graphic design projects,here is my new work
    showing athene statue leaved for many years in the corner of a cellar.
    the image rendered using maxwell render and 3dsmax8.
    i hope you like it.
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    Feb 2005

    It seems to be a good model but I can't see the details can you plaese post more clear image
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    Oct 2005

    that render it just awfull. if you dont have the power to run maxwell dont. my advice to you redo the render in a nother pacage or render out to at least a level 15 on maxwell.
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    Jul 2004

    yes,i've forgot to say it's my first try with maxwell,plus i thought it would be nice if i leave those grain dots in my image.
    anyway thanks for your advice and attention.
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    Mar 2005

    it looks very new, I wouldn't say it was left there for a long time

    The paint on the wall is still fresh and there're some boxes (new condition) there I believed which someone probably have been there...

    Render quality is too grainy, even though it is your choice of doing that. Try some thing free like Scanline or mental ray to get better image
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