Hi Guys,

Our Studio has just finished its first short movie, actually its an idea pitch that we wanna develop into a full series and possibly a movie later on...

the whole short was rendered using vray, composited with combustion...

it's in Portuguese, sorry, but there's not much dialogue...


we had a lotta fun doing this, it was done in a timeframe of about 3 months on and off, during our freetime.

this short should be the 1st of many to come, promoting this character named Antoninho, a 6year old boy coming from a very poor typically mozambican family.


Antoninho, our hero, is a 6 year old boy, who comes from a typical poor mozambican
family from the suburbs. He is very bright, a bit naughty (in a good innocent way)full of will power, full of life, explorer, loves to socialize.He has a dream , he wants to be able fly building an aeroplane.

Excuse the english, we speak portuguese

Hope you guys like it

Nildo Essa
Architect and 3D Animator