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    arama | music video | by sendal

    i see little animation projects on evermotion, so i post a recent work of mine...
    Arama, a 3D animated music video for Thy Veils, takes you on a journey through a magical world of industrial fusion between fake nature and "real" industry.

    The music style is electronic / ambient.

    I decided to post the full length version: 7'55". It's one of my very few projects based on 3D. Still, the look and feel were created during postproduction in After Effects.

    _Tech specs: 3D hairy Trees, grass and landscape created in 3D Studio MAX 7 with Hairfx. Compositing and Post in AFX 6.5. Mattes in PS CS.

    Andrei Nica (http://www.sendal.ro/) for everything...
    except: 3D crow by Virgil Tanasa: http://www.vstudio.lx.ro/
    and Sebastian Cosor who kindly provided the mocaps and helped with the rigging.
    Music: http://www.thyveils.com/
    Label: (c) 2006, http://www.luminalrecords.com/

    _download (52 MB)

    I hope you enjoy it and comment on it!
    Thank you, Andrei.


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    Mar 2006

    Hi, guys, how're U?
    Well, I just saw the movie..... I can1t say any word, I think it's awsome.
    I really like the composition, the fx's.
    I would like to make something like this.....

    'maizing job!
    Congrats to ALL of u!

    Good vibes from Ludoo!!!!!!!!!

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    Nov 2004

    Thank you Ludo from Brazil? wow, nice!
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