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    Dangerous Heaven

    Hi everybody,
    It's passed a lot of months since I posted here the last time, but now the stuff I worked on for the past year it's finished and I want to make you involved.
    My name's Federico Ghirardini and I'm one of the guy that worked on "Dangerous Heaven" for RioFX/Frank's Paddock.
    This game is published by Blue Label Entertainment and started shipping just friday; unfortunately only in Italy by now, but we hope it'll be soon localized for the foreign countries.
    This is one of the first games (renamed "dvg") that is expressly deemed for the DVD support: it's a mix between live action parts (attending to reproduce the style from old-school laser-game like space ace, dragon's lair, etc..) and investigation scene, following the line of monkey islands and graphic adventures in general. The cool side is represented by the fact that with this support we can achieve a large portion of the houses, not only gamers specifically that have to choose between pc, sony, nintendo and so on.
    The tasks were extremely difficult because this was the first title this team worked on, and the dvd support is quite unstable, but we are pretty happy with the results.
    The game is entirely in 3d, and it is a sort of an interactive full leght 3d movie (we counted above 42 minutes of cinematics).
    Precisely I was responsably for the lighting/comp in a lot of sequence, various FX and several environments.
    Thank for the patience, I hope you will enjoy DH, these are some frames taken directly from in-game sequence, and various sketches.

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    I can believe in my eyes that's so cool
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    lighting and rendering very good ...
    bin cai plin tin pin
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