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    Vray with under water caustic

    hi all,

    i have this problem that i am trying to solve now. I am building a ornament pool with underwater lights shining out of the water and onto the walls.

    I tried using all the settings i can find from tutorials from all over the net but still couldn't achieve a gd render.

    Is there a tutorial someone can point me to? I would like to use photometric lights and caustic rendering if possible but i wouldn't mind using generic lights too.

    attached is a test render of my scene. I have removed all underwater lights as they simply won't pass throught the water.
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    Jan 2004


    I have changed the material of the right wall as well as added in the photometric lights. But these lights are above the water so they showed up well. I tried to place them beneath the water but they simply will not shine through the water. Anybody please help. thanks
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    Jun 2004

    Well, you have to check to see if the water material you're using has the 'affect shadows' and 'affect alpha' clickboxes checked. Then you need to learn how to work with caustics in Vray (google for a tutorial for that in the net). Then you need to see if photometrics work with caustics, I never tried that, but i guess it should.
    Good Luck,
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    you muste use vray caustic whith an hight multiplier (120000) and activ reflectiv gi in your gi seting ^^
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    Sep 2006

    if these will work for you then i will tell you how http://www.evermotion.org/vbulletin/...8&d=1183368838..... my nite scene render.
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