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    [3ds max 7] Creating exterior wall tiles/panel

    First of all, Im not sure what this is called, but Im trying to create front tiles/panel to a house.

    Like this house here has. Only I want it to go down vertical.

    I have tried to create it in 3dsmax using VrayMt and setting "Tiles" in the deffuse slot and bump slot. You can see a screenshot here

    But if I try to render it, there are "glitches" in the pattern, and the bump dosen't seem to do anything. It only look like someone has drawn lines on the box.

    screenshot of the render.

    If anyone could help me getting this right, I would realy appreciate it!
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    Mar 2005

    Can you post some image that are you doing? is better to understend wat happening and to find a solution.
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    Mar 2005

    I have posted in the first post. but I can post a WIP picture.

    Take a look at the white wall, in the center of the picture, there is the problem I want help for. I cant seem to get the "bump" correct. I cant get the panels/tile to "come out" and make a clear distinction between wall and panel/tiles.


    Excuse my english, Im norwegian.
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    why notuse a bitmap for the siding and then use a vray displaement mod?
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    why not model the panels ... ?? should be easy to do
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    u can use bumpmap to create that. its very easy to prepare it in photoshop or paint shop pro.
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    I dont know how I make a bump map in photoshop. I have tried just to increase the color, and adjust the contrast up, but it dosent seem right. Where do I put the bump map? In the bumpmap slot in the texture slot? Can anyone post a tutorial for making bump map, or explain how I can make it.

    Thank you!
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    Did you unwrap the uvws?

    It looks lik they are stretched, or not even set at all.

    Also I would make sure the tiling is set smaller too, that could be it as well.
    You click on the tile button, and there are perameters that adjust how the tile tiles itself on the texture.

    I cant tell you what it is exactly right now cause I have a render going at the moment.
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    Yes, the tiling was to small, I have fiexed it now. (The client suddenly wanted plaster for the wall exterior, and that was much easier)
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    May 2017

    Did you model them or bought them from somewhere?
    Thanks in advance for sharing!
    Agro Site
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    Thank you for the links, it's very interesting for me.
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