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    -=: END OF CHALLENGE 6 :=-

    so it's time for a little summation of leatest challenge. As we all can see this contest was not quite succesful. We are disappointed with the low level of current competition. Of course in big part that was administrators fault. We would like to say sorry to all those, who make the best to finished their work. There was many reasons why we, Evermotion Team, couldn't have eye on this challenge, make promotion, watch the date of the end of the competition. All members of Evermotion Team were involved in commercial projects, and we are a bit confused, why admins and moderators of the forum didn't do their work correctly. We think it's time to reorganize all forum and portal crue...
    We promise that next challange will be the best in all history of Evermotion.org. We do our best to gain greate prizes for you. We are sure in near future we will open big international competition with software and hardware as prizise.
    But lets go to the better news. Below you can see thi winners of the challange. Guys, we would like to congratulate you, because you did great job. Really thank you for your engagement in life of this forum.

    Please send your e-mail addresses to mu@rendernode.com to get your FREE copy of RenderNode Magazine.

    RenderNode & Evermotion Team



    Russo and Kozioo
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    Jan 2004

    it is good to know that there will be some improvment on the challenge section of the forum and some more attention. I personally check this section and try to participate as a competitor or as an advisor. Lately there is not enough going on, so we have to shape it up

    i will help in anyway to improve the experience of sharing and learning through the challenges.

    Keep up the good work Evermotion.

    Back again.
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    Nov 2005

    :shock: NO,I can't see
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    Oct 2019

    It's nice to have more challenges that make things so much more interesting.
    I will definitely make my game more perfect
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    Jul 2020

    Looking forward to see new competitions!
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