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    Challenge 6: pBarrelas - MetroStation

    Hi this is my first challenge here or on any other 3D site.

    i'll make stills of a metro station. i'm thinking in an abandoned future metro station look. I'll put some sketches to show my idea.

    I'll use Maya to model, texturing and lighting the scene. The rendering will be done in beta version of Turtle.
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    Here a sketch to show the main idea:

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    Now, some stills of the modeling progress:

    i'll post more soon. I don't have much time to dedicate to this but i hope i can finish this one !!
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    Sep 2003

    keep going - i waching
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    One more!!

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    Jan 2004

    Well it starts to look great - i mean details for now

    Keep it going
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    Thanks mate !!
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    Well guys, unfortunately i was predicting this !
    I'll have to give up this challenge because i donīt have time to finish it!

    It was very cool to participate in this challenge with all of you guys!
    I hope i can return soon (a month or two)!!

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