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    Sep 2003

    --= CHALLENGE 5 =--

    Welcome to Challenge 5

    We invite you to join our latest challenge. The topic for this challenge is "witch's house or fantasy house". In short, your job is to create a fantasy building - house. This could be witch's house - on one chicken leg, elf's houses in the magic forest, some wizard's tower etc. The main aim of the contest is to creat a house - place where someone lives. The rendering style must be fantasy we prefer more art than photo look but there could be realistic works. We want these renders looking amazing, just take us to the magic world!!!

    Lights, textures, software - it is all up to you. Just so long as your final image is simply brillant . There is possibility to use some plugins to trees and palnts - you can use them only to create environment!
    If you are found to be using pre-existing models to create main objects in the scen you will be banned from the current challenge as well as the next challenge.

    You are able to post a Maximum of 3 image for the final judging, and we will choose the best one.
    Post as many previews and WIP's as you can, in your own thread labeled like this "Challenge 5 : YOURNAME" ....(without the quotes)

    Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are a copy or Rendernode Magazine.

    DEADLINE IS: 1st of May

    Good Luck and let the challenge begin.
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    Sep 2003

    hmmz i'm in search for some concept / reference art, any who knows a few site's ?

    have been to

    seen a few thing's, think i'm going for some kind of elvish tree house, not sure tho
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    Jan 2004

    i am going to model this, from that link you gave us..

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    btw, i recognize that the topic is a bit to hard to handle i gues, for everyone. I am not sure if i will participate this time, but i am her to help..

    i have some crazy ideas for the next topic..
    good luck to everyone.
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    Sep 2003

    heeheh Taboo - we mowed dedline - this challenge is v. hard .. we know it. but challange must learn pepople tips - triks - and technicues
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    Nov 2003

    Hhehe helo Something strange is with this challange nobody whant's to take a part so many users vote for this subject. Can someone explain me what the hell is going one
    Greet for all user.
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    Sep 2003

    I really don't know. I dont take a part because i don't want to do some work with deadline and with given theme.
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    Jan 2004

    hello guys, first post here..... well, I'm about to enter the challenge, but I was wondering if this would be allowed.... can i develop a scene based on a scenario of tim burton's night before christmas? by doing this, the concept of the scene wouldn't be 100% mine but it would perfectly fit in the theme proposed....

    ok that's it.... waiting for answers.... guess i still have some time to do it!!!
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    Sep 2003

    welcome new user i think it is no problem to use somebody concept, but scene should be created by u
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    May 2004

    I take it this challenge went well? Was there any entries?
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