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    Dec 2003

    Challange 3 - Dawid

    My bottle... there are many things to correct...
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    Nov 2003

    Hello textur begin looks nice bottle loks fine waiting for more!!
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    Jan 2004

    your bottle is really nice , it's very similar to the one in the photo (except some details)
    favour us with a render when you make the water
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    Jan 2004

    hi Dawid,
    i was waiting for you.. very nice start.
    well still have so much time.. (i assume)
    i will work on displacement alot. i am sure you will also.
    i almost got the angle, reflections on water,bottle reflection %90.
    you need the work on the opacity a bit i gues (a very important hint )

    i think, i will continue on my work behind closed doors now... because it allmost comes to a crazy point ...

    the pain is from my end... modeling the ripple around the bottle, while kepping the reflection of bottle closer to the reflection in the photo. (good luck with that)

    maybe i will show some of my textures during the weekend.

    good luck.
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