CG Challenge Photorealistic Interior Design

Timeline :
Challende start date : 29-09-2003
Challende end date : 21-11-2003 at midnight GMT
Voting Starts: November 23th
Voting Ends: November 28th
Winners Announced: November 28th

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Scenario :

Well you all live in a house, and there’s always something in your interior you wanna adjust. Here is your change to do something.
You can choose any style you want, like Fiftie’s, Trendie, Old / Classic, etc
There are lots of example’s on the internet to get your inspiration going try to make it your design, you should live there !
Further more be creative, do something no-one has thought of before !

Be creative

The Challenge :

There are a few things you have to keep in mind:
- Realism
- Lightning
- Texturing
- And realism, realism, realism (hmmz get the point ? )

Judging :

Judging will be done by site visitors based upon the above criteria via online polls.

Prizes :

Fame for now……