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    Men have gone mad, and in a last desperate attempt, they have done the irreparable... The "Crisalene" was to be our ultimate hope, this resin was to synthesize the chlorophyll present in the vegetation in order to release oxygen and duplicate its power of absorption of the carbon dioxide. The international community chose Osaka Bay to host the Alpha project. This crystalline greenhouse of 10 km long and 7 m wide offered a magnificent picture of the most beautiful species of vegetation, at least at the beginning...
    On September 9, 2033 at 7:54 am, 3 months after its inauguration, a technician of the company "Atropos" in charge of the maintenance of the "Cocoon" as the inhabitants of Osaka call it, identified a first suspicious crack. This crack showed green marks and the structure had gained 3° Celsius in 24 hours. Within a week, more than 750 were recorded and the water around the project began to turn green. The first analyses showed that the water was contaminated by a molecule of unknown origin named "Greenalide", but very quickly the scientists made the connection with the modifications that the "Cocoon" had undergone. On October 15, a third of the western part of the Pacific Ocean was green. And the atmosphere in the Osaka area was also affected by the presence of "Greenalide" in the air, although harmless, this ubiquitous green gives nausea and severe headaches to people living in this atmosphere. Men quickly felt powerless in front of this proliferation which in a short time touched the whole world. Researchers realized too late that the "crisalene" under the influence of the sun and the evolutionary process of plants causes a radioactive reaction... But, as long as the " Crisaléne " does not exceed 55° Celsius the structure would not let escape radioactive waves. In order to counter this phenomenon, red smoke was installed to balance the atmosphere and hundreds of people were hired to spray water and cool down the whole Alpha project. It has been 24 hours since these measures were taken and no one knows if it will be enough...

    Made with Lightwave and Photoshop
    Romain Brunas
    Year :2021
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