Hey guys.

I want to share a video about my process of Deepfaking my face into Spider-Man footage. I hope you will find it interesting.

I Tried To Remaster Spider-Man: Miles Morales | 5 Tips NOT To Do Deepfake

Remasters are everywhere. Whether it’s in movies or games, it’s the current trend in the entertainment industry. Not even Peter Parker from Spiderman PS4 was safe from having his face remastered. In this video, Amiel will guide you through all the mistakes he ran into while attempting a deepfake, and the top 5 tips of what you SHOULDN’T do so that your deepfake “remaster” will turn out great. Topics include what a deepfake is, camera/DSLR settings for recording your face data, settings to pay attention to during the deepfake, and a general overview on how deepfakes are made through machine-learning. Is it possible for just about anyone to become Miles Morales? Find out in the video!

0:00 - Intro
0:48 - General Workflow
01:13 - Clear footage
01:37 - Clean up face data set
02:06 - Properly configure face mask
02:23 - Use pre-trained models
03:03 - Pick your shots carefully