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    Hiring 3d artist for small nft project

    Employer's Information: Hello, I am not a brand nor a corporation rather just someone in need of a 3d artist.

    Job Description : I am looking for a 3d artist to make 333 high quality avatars with fashion elements, and pop culture traits, I can go ahead and attach a picture of what I would want the avatars to look like as a finished product.

    Job Title : 3D artist

    Job Type : Freelance

    Location : Work is available to be done anywhere wherever a working wifi connection is present.

    Salary and Interests : Artists will be either paid a flat fee for the work, or a percentage of all sales from the project, or a mix, artists will be well paid, marketing and artist advertisement will be offered, for further details reach out via email.

    Deadline: Not too familar with how long a project like this would take but if it could be done within 60 days this would be ideal.

    Contact: adamyasin413@gmail.com
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