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    Crying Tree

    Artist: Ahmad Eghtesad, Nastaran Fazeli
    Modeling & Visualization: Ahmad Eghtesad
    Song: Goriz Az Markaz by Ali Sorena
    Software: 3ds Max, Vray, Quixel Megascans & Mixer, Adobe Photoshop
    Year: 2021

    "I did not see the image of the wind except the tears of the tree"
    "به غیر از اشک های درخت تصویر باد رو ندیدم"
    The crying tree is a conceptual visualization based on the present situation of Isfahan, which is inspired by Goriz Az Markaz's song by the Iranian rapper Ali Sorena.
    In this song, the wind is the same hidden negative effect that is not visible and is taking away what is left for us, which The leaves of the tree are a metaphor for it.
    In the current situation, Isfahan is facing water shortage and climate problems, which people blame the authorities, and the weakness in the management of the authorities has caused the destruction of a 42,000-year-old river in Isfahan called Zayandeh Rud.
    These wrong decisions in river management have the same hidden effects of wind that cause leaves to fall.
    Lack of water and the destruction of the river has caused drought in the region, climate pollution and climate change, and the destruction of Isfahan's historic bridges, and ultimately caused irreparable damage.
    In this visualization, inspirations are taken from the conditions and the song that were expressed at the beginning of the text.
    Si O Se Pol bridges, which is one of the most important historic bridges in Isfahan, have been destroyed due to lack of water, and also the Zayandeh Rud, which was once a symbol of the life of Isfahan, has dried up and turned into a lifeless desert.
    The last living tree in this area starts crying with a disturbing wind and leaves its leaves in the wind and loses its life.
    The alone deer, which is a sign of good luck and hope in this area, is watching this destruction.
    Maybe one day we will think about the consequences of our decisions!

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