Architect: CK Architecture
Visualization: Suburbia Studio
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Year: 2017

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Light, spacious, inspiring this is how we visualized the interior of the penthouse, with a panoramic view of Melbourne.

Wherever it was possible we created comfort. Tastefully selected textures of wood and marble create a special atmosphere for the whole room, while the contrast of polished smooth surfaces and fabric-stretched furniture gives a feeling of comfort in the house.

This is the second joint project we have implemented for our client CK Architecture.

It was important for the client to convey the luxury and at the same time the consistency of the style that pervades the modern interiors of Melbourne.

We have transferred ideas and wishes of our client from 2D drawings and paper to 3D visualization. Here we would like to delve directly into the creation process.

During the implementation of the project, we paid special attention to the elaboration of materials for the carpet, the wooden facade of the kitchen area and parquet.
For this we used high-resolution displacement maps with high detalization. When setting up wood and marble materials in one shader, we mixed different maps, especially Reflection and Normal, in order to bring the result as close as possible to the natural properties of these materials.

Also, we paid special attention to compliance color scheme of the project, so the interior looks stylish and solid. We tried to make all the materials and their shades as accurately as possible in Corona Renderer and extract an almost finished image from the frame buffer, and then only emphasize the details already done in the post-correction of the renders.

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