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    Aug 2021

    Course For Graphic Designer

    Hi, I am graphic designer and now I want to learn something new which will help me in my career of graphic designer. Do you guys have any recommendations?
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    Oct 2021

    Hi Alison999, that's a nice job to be a graphic designer. If you want to learn new things in the field of graphic designing, then I think you have to start work with a professional company. It will help you to explore and learn many new things about graphic designing as well as it will increase your experience.
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    Feb 2022

    I recommend choosing several successful graphic designers whose work you like, and learn their biography, where they studied, what literature they read, what inspired them. Be careful with the choice of courses, there are many low-quality courses that are just a waste of money
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    Dec 2021

    Are you interested in online course of graphic designing or you want physical course?
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    Feb 2022

    can anybody suggest some useful website about graphic design ? I want to find some self-learning classes
    cookie clicker
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    Apr 2022

    There are many interesting resources about graphic design, just creative or otherwise. For courses, check out Skillshare or Udemy. There's a lot there.
  7. Jimmy05

    You can also use YouTube to learn Graphics Designing. I think it will help you.
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    Jul 2022

    My sister is also started to learn about it. And I think it's a very interesting profession. Also, almost everybody needs to create custom software development for their company. And designers always need to ensure the final product works smoothly across various platforms and has a sleek modern design.
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    Sep 2022

    I've tried Coursera because a lot of bloggers ad it. I liked but can be better.
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