Hey guys.

Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET Academy

I have another tutorial to share. It's one of our Holiday Cabin tutorials series.

Generating procedural stone walls in 3ds Max with Corona Scatter

In this tutorial, Tom shows you a technique he used to create some of the background props for our cabin project. Using Corona’s native scatterer and two external plugins, Debris Maker and Lazy UVWs, Tom will be generating a fully parametric and randomized stone wall. Using Corona Scatter will ensure the generated geometry is well optimized while being highly randomized thanks to the Debris Maker plugin.

You can use this technique to create stone walls of any size for your next archviz project with just a few easy steps. Fully procedural stone walls can be quickly inserted into any scene, edited, and made to fit your environment. With a little bit of tinkering, you can also use the same technique to generate assets for your interior scenes.

I hope you will find it useful.

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