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    A head full of dreams

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    A head full of dreams.
    Usually I am not very keen in dedications and getting emotional for events in life but children will definitely change that.
    This year my son started the pre school and I thought I will make a full CGI piece as a gift for him.
    In this piece I tried to push the limits of my skills and to depict the feeling of a change in life.
    As a little kid you start leaving some of your favorite toys behind with an unknown universe in front of yourself, and a world of possibilities await for you and that is how I saw my son this year even though I felt it came out so fast!
    So go on my son move mountains, push boundaries, chase dreams and reach out for new heights and always know I will be one step behind you watching over you all the way!
    This is done in 3ds max and Redshift as always.
    Thanks to my sisters who helped with some ideas and I want of course to thank my team at Pulla who are always inspiring to me every single day.
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    Well done, nice material and rendering .. keep it up
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