Hey everyone! Ryan (Owner) and Sean (Dev Director & Lead DM) of Heleus here! As we look to expand more into D&D in our discord, we are launching a series of completely free live classes, called Visceral Storytelling, which covers a widespread amount of areas within the combined topics of D&D and 3D Modeling, and wed like to invite you all to come be a part of it!

Essentially what were doing is breaking down D&D into its component elements, discussing each of them individually and in depth, and then following up in the next class by bringing those concepts or elements to life with 3D Modeling and Animation.

As an example: Our very previous class was an Intro to D&D & Character Creation, during which Sean (who is heading up the D&D side of things) discussed the need to knows for a new D&D player joining a campaign and whats involved in creating a well balanced character, as well as what steps to take and what details to sort through, while attempting to develop a detailed, convincing, and intriguing backstory for your character.

Following up that class, this Saturday at 5PM EST, Ryan will be doing an intro to 3D Modeling Class, and then the following week he will be taking the character created during Sean's class, and showing how to efficiently translate that character into a lifelike 3D model. This will include, base modeling, detailing, hair design, clothing design, and texturing, as well as talking about some of the nuances and clarifying some of the concepts that confused him when he first started modeling and animating.

The classes will likely happen weekly for the most part, and will most likely last upwards of a year. The goal is to help our attendees, whether they be D&D Players/Dms or aspiring 3D Modelers/Animators, develop an understanding of the workflow process, a deeper appreciation for world creation, and ultimately create incredible, intriguing, and visceral stories, characters, and environments.

The class is completely free of charge for anyone who watches or attends live! Most likely, the finished product will be compiled into a course and uploaded to Udemy, but portions of the finished course edits will be made available for free via our YouTube channel.

So if this interests you, or portions of it interest you, feel free to either watch live, via our YouTube channel linked below, or participate in the live class as a part of the stream and ask questions, via the Discord link, also included below.



And for anyone interested, here is the current course class list. This may have minor changes, but will give you a pretty good idea of the topics well be covering. Some topics will be split up into multiple classes.

To Sell a Lie of Intrigue - Roleplaying & Improv (Ryan & Sean) Wednesday 07/21/21 (already done)

Starting Somewhere - Beginners Guide to D&D (Sean) (already done)

Starting Somewhere Else - Beginners Guide to 3D Modeling (Ryan) (10/02/21)

On the 6th Day Sean Created... - Character Creation (Sean)

On the 6th Day Ryan Created... - 3D Character Creation (Ryan)

Show a Bit of Class - Creating Classes & Races (Sean)

Show a Bit of Character - Modeling a 3D Non-Human hero (Ryan)

The Monsters in the Head - Creating Monsters & Bosses (Sean)

The Monster's Under the Bed - Modeling 3D Monsters (Ryan)

He Huffed, & He Puffed - Creating the Big Bad (Sean)

The Hair & The Chinny Chin Chin - Etching Personality into 3D models (Ryan)

A Little Bit of This - Creating Homebrew Items (Sean)

A Little Bit of That - Custom 3D World Objects (Ryan)

A Puzzling Situation - Designing Puzzles for D&D (Sean)

A Moving Situation - Beginners Guide to Animation (Ryan)

A Stranger Situation - Creating NPC's (Sean)

A Moving Speech - Animating Character Dialogue (Ryan)

Unique Encounters - D&D Running Unique Encounters (Sean)

Animated Encounters - Creating 3D Realistic Character Animations (Ryan)

A Change of Scenery - Laying out a Scene (Sean)

Going Out on a Limb - Creating 3D Scenery (Ryan)

A Little Moody - Setting Mood and Ambiance (Sean)

Let's Shed Some Light on This - Lighting and Rendering (Ryan)

A Whole New World - World Creation Small (Sean)

A New Fantastic Point of View - Intro to 3D World Modeling (Ryan)

New Horizons - World Creation Large (Sean)

Unbelievable Sights - Advanced 3D World Modeling (Ryan)

Daedalus Simulator, Creating Your Minotaur Holder - Live Dungeon Design (Ryan & Sean)

Beginners Guide to 3D Modeling Class Topics:

- Concept Overview
- Available Careers
- Top Available Tools
- Terminology
- Workflow/Pipeline
- Universal Navigation Guide
- The Basics
- Typical Problems & Workarounds

If you're interested in joining us, you might consider replying to the post here so that we can get a rough idea of expected attendance.