Andrew here from GarageFarm.NET

I have a tutorial to share. Hope you will find it useful.

Customizing 3ds Max UI for archviz modeling

In this tut, Andrew shows how to customize 3ds Max for modeling architecture.

You will learn how to get rid of useless panels taking away precious workspace. Hotkeys and quick buttons will speed up your workflow. Other settings will help you manage your scene and work with the precision required in archviz.

Finally, you will learn how to save your setting so you can switch between various UI setups and move them to a different 3ds Max installation!

Table of contents:
00:00 - Introduction
00:22 - Setting up System Unit Scale
01:56 - Setting up Display Unit Scale
02:34 - Adding Hotkeys for Views
04:09 - Adding Hotkey for Measure Distance tool
04:25 - Adding Hotkey for Convert to Editable Poly
05:03 - Setting up Snaps
05:30 - Changing default Reference Coordinate System setup
05:52 - Customizing Toolbars and Panels
06:23 - Adding quick buttons for Modifiers
06:51 - Locking UI layout
06:59 - Saving customizations
07:07 - ENU folder
07:18 - maxstart.max scene
07:35 - Quickly reverting to default settings
08:16 - UI customization saving options in 3ds Max
08:23 - Saving workspaces
08:49 - saving UI from Customize-Save Custom UI scheme
09:08 - Custom Defaults Switcher
09:30 - Summary
09:42 - Table with custom settings paths in 3ds Max