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    Splitting FBX Model for Sketchup & Vray


    Newbie question I'm afraid

    I have some Evermotion collections of vegetation...well I call then plants , where some of the models have a couple of components e.g. a hedge model may have a straight hedge section, a 90 degree section and end sections

    I'm intend to use Sketchup and Vray. I'm aware of Transmutr for creating V-Ray proxies in Sketchup but I'm not sure if that can split the single FBX model into its components parts

    Your help is much appreciated - including any points to forum articles, or other tutorials inc YouTube
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    Interesting to see your collection!
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    You could open the FBX in Blender (which is free) and export each tree separately as FBX before feeding them to Transmutr. Itís easy for a human to distinguish each tree, but for Transmutr to do it automatically, it would require tremendous data analysis to separate geometry in a way that make sense.
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