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    KAWBRICK Episode 01

    This is a personal project that I am currently working on. It is going to be a series of Episodes forming one story.
    It's all being done in 3Ds mAx and rendered in FstormRender Engine. Link to full animation here


    I have created a new trend and named it a COMICOVIE, which is a 1 minute or less, original mix of Comics, Movies and Social Media Stories that you can view best on a mobile phone as nowadays everyone is using their phone and social media to stay connected to the world.

    I hope you like this first epsiode of my first series " KAWBRICK " and if you like it, please support me by subscribing to my YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCra...VsESXYFon6r10A

    and follow me on Instagram for more updates here http://instagram.com/ramiemad9

    Thank you and enjoy
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