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    Shark NV 360 Review: How Good Is It… Really?

    Among an assortment of vacuums out there nowadays, we are introducing one of the most remarkable product units from the reliable brand Shark; it is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum. We will let you have a better idea of its attributes and performance with the goal of helping you decide whether or not to purchase this model.

    Key Features

    The device has notable highlights as below:


    Cutting-edge cyclonic innovation does a great job of separating fine substances in the air, which thus keeps dirt from obstructing the filtration and making the power of suction stay solid.

    From the 1st use to the final use of vacuuming sessions, you will not ever lose vacuuming power indeed.

    2. LIGHT

    According to the Shark navigator lift-away deluxe NV360, this model is a smooth combination between how powerful an upright is and light feature for more convenience in moving the device in tight places, above floors, and stairs.

    By pressing a button, you will have the Lift-Away innovation activated, and you can lift the machine’s canister away and effectively deal with difficult-to-reach zones.


    In case you do not know, the mix of an entirely sealed HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration system and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal innovation traps more than 99 percent of allergens and residue inside the canister. What is more to expect?


    Believe it or not, steering around deterrents in your living space has never been simpler or more enjoyable thanks to the excellent control of the Shark Navigator Lift Away Deluxe for moving around your home’s furniture.


    The super big residue cup cum a simple construction will enable you to snappily empty household flotsam and jetsam.


    The vacuum likewise has the Brushroll Shutoff button; that is why you will undoubtedly change between the uncovered floor and carpet vacuuming.

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    As per Shark Navigator NV360 reviews, the device has a separable canister, crevice tool, dusting brush, Pet TurboBrush, mechanized floor-brush nozzle, hose, along with the Under Appliance Wand that you can extend and enables an exhaustive vacuuming in difficult-to-access areas.

    The machine measures at 15 inches x 11.4 inches x 45.5 inches, and it is 16 pounds in weight, so it will be able to move over corners and access tight points without any problem.

    The long electric cord at 25 feet should make simple work of vacuuming big places.


    It boasts of a five-year limited warranty.

    Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360: Vacuuming Performance

    Vacuuming effectiveness has continuously been regarded as the most significant element of the cleaning machine.

    For your information, one of the great highlights of the device is the switch with the ability to begin or prevent the brush roll of the vacuum from turning. In the event that the brush roll gets turned on, it will probably make a couple of the flotsam and jetsam flying and male vacuuming the surface significantly more difficult for you.

    The unmistakable element of the vacuum cleaner is the stunning Lift-Away mode. You can clean stairs or hard-to-reach spaces in which the typical cleaning head may fail to handle.

    Another extraordinary thing about the model is that it enables you to utilize the extras on not only lift-away mode but also the upright. The double capacity will make it simple to deal with higher areas as you have the choice to leverage it on the lift-away mode and move the cleaning machine higher.

    That is not all; the accessories of this blue shark vacuum are decent.

    For example, the model’s pet power brush is intended to assist you with lifting obstinate pet hair from your rug. It works superbly in picking up the pet hair and enabling the vacuum cleaner to suck up your dogs/ cats’ fallen strands.

    Also, the crevice tool will let you deal with dubious places, for example, tight zones or areas with an angle that the average cleaning head may fail to cope with.

    What is more? The dusting brush of the vacuum can be utilized to deal with delicate materials or surfaces, for example, curtains and sheets. It can likewise be leveraged to gather the residue on the head of your house’s furniture.

    The brand suggests that you reduce the power of suction since you are handling curtains or furniture to stay away from harm to the texture.

    For and Against of This Upright Vacuum

    1. For

    Noteworthy suction: It is potent. The machine sucks admirably, and it is so incredible that you will quickly change the vacuum’s power of suction by essentially turning the collar.

    Useful accessories: The model has helpful and useful accessories. They were not merely tossed in there to make the bundle appear as though you received a great deal of things. They function as what they should do.

    Practical tools: The attachments of the device work to better your vacuuming as well as make it simpler to dispose of the dust and dirt in your living space. In case your house has dogs, cats, and all that, you may be fond of the pet power brush of this model.

    Brush roll: The ability of this bagless vacuum to switch off the brush roll is extraordinary. Not all cleaning machines with mechanized brushes come with it.

    2. Against

    It is indeed hard to find the flaws with this model. The following drawbacks are not too substantial:

    No bumper: It probably will not be a serious deal for a few, yet for people with houses that have a great deal of wood, this may be their concern.

    Flawed solidness. We cannot positively say that the unit is constructed to keep going a long while. Many users are content with it, yet a few people referenced that the model is not that durable in the wake of utilizing it for a couple of months. According to the Shark NV360 review, maybe the model is not constructed out of the most robust materials. We do hope that it is only an issue related to usage or an instance of faulty items.

    In A Nutshell

    All things considered, we are agreeable to this product unit.

    It is anything but a high-level model from Shark; that is why expecting a lot is not right after all. However, up until now, we like what we experience with it.

    The extras are incredible, and the machine comes with a switch for its brush roll, which a few of the absolute most costly models out there these days neglect to provide.

    From my closely-held viewpoint, at a reasonable cost, this item is most likely a wise buy in case it can last for a long while with you!

    Last but not least, hopefully, the honest review above will be helpful for you. Subsequent to checking it out cautiously, you should be able to figure out if or not the Shark navigator NV360 reviews is the right device that you are searching for.
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    Among an assortment of vacuums out there nowadays, we are introducing one of the most remarkable product units from the reliable brand Shark; it is the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 upright vacuum. We will let you have a better idea of its attributes and performance with the goal of helping you decide whether or not to purchase this model.
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