I'm pleased to announce the release of Motion Mosaic for Adobe After Effects.

Motion Mosaic is a complex After Effects plugin that generates a motion mosaic using a displacement and icon layer. The ability to rotate, scale or offset the icon layer’s time by the displacement layer is what produces truly unique results.

Motion Mosaic operates by generating a mosaic of numerous copies of the icon layer and then manipulating them according to the displacement layer’s corresponding pixel luminance value. For instance, the brighter the pixel value, the more rotation or scaling is done to the icon layer. However, the magic to this effect is the ability to randomly offset the icon layer’s animation not only by a random time value but also by the number of units. You can even offset the icon layer’s animation according to the displacement layer so that brighter pixel values display earlier icon animation frames while darker pixel values display later ones. The result is an effect that would otherwise be impossible to create programmatically and unlike anything you’ve seen before.

For more info, please check out the Motion Mosaic project page located at http://richardrosenman.com/shop/motion-mosaic/