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    Sep 2020

    Game animation

    Hi there,

    So, I want to edit some animation of a mmorpg which is in development(old game witch has been shut down more the 12 years ago) and some of them are boring and a lot of skills animations are the same. The thing is that on the client the only animation files are .kfm witch are not supported by Blender or Maya. I tried to use NifSkope to convert them but with no luck, the files can't be loaded. Is there any other way to convert them? On google I found that there is another tool that can open this type of files named "GameBryo" but is only for trial and I can't download it until I get their approval that might take a while.
    Any suggestion are welcome.
    Thank you
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    Jul 2020

    I haven't encountered GameBryo myself, but there are a lot of feedback in the network that it is not the best option. Excellent games on it are made on thanks to him and in spite of it.
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