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    Vray Next Reflection Error

    Sometimes i have this error in Vray Reflection Pass with 3ds max, Any Help

    Reflection Pass_Error.jpg
  2. KMR100

    I'm currently trying to render a scene with glossy metal reflections (.75 glossiness), and I'm getting DR buckets that don't match from my other machine. It's just a typical vray material with default settings. Fresnel reflections off. Both machines have all the appropriate permissions, and all my textures are on the office server, not on a local hard drive. I have "Transfer missing assets" checked in the DR dialogue, as well. Both machines have exactly the same hardware. The issue is only showing up in the reflection pass (crop attached) and final rgb. Irradiance map, light cache, etc. are all fine as far as I can tell. The scene is lit with an hdri in a dome light. I tried lighting the scene with an ambient light to eliminate that as the issue, but the problem persists. I've encountered this problem in the past, and I think I ended up just rendering with one machine or fixing in photoshop because I couldn't figure out what was causing the problem. It almost seems like each machine is using a different reflection environment, or there's some kind of gamma issue. If there are any problem related to the router login
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    V-Ray 3.50.04
    3ds Max Design 2015
    Windows 10
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