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    Automodeller Pro With 3dsMax

    Automodeller Pro is 3ds max plug-in enables users to quickly paint and create exquisite mesh patterns with a click of a button.

    AutoModeller Pro is a new multi-threaded plugin for 3ds Max (2010-2020) that allows you to apply or paint a group of meshes as “geometry-texture” onto your existing scene geometry. This is similar to displacement mapping, you can control tiling,positioning etc. using UV mapping , just as you would with a regular 2D texture. Depending on the setting the objects will automatically be sliced, soft-sliced, scaled or deformed at the borders and can also be deformed to smoothly wrap around the curvature of the target object.

    It allows you to paint any geometry texture on any object in the scene without having to set up anything. Just select the geometry-texture and paint on any object in the scene. You can also combine multiple different geometry textures this way, using a powerful replacement-brush any previously painted objects will automatically be replaced when you paint over them.
    More on Automodeller Pro site.
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