Hi guys! Here's a cinematics I created in Unreal Engine 4 based on an ancient Italian legend:

"Colapesce was the son of a fisherman and spent his days immersed in the Sicilian sea. One day the King, aware of the young man's gifts, wanted to test him and threw a crown overboard asking him to bring it back to his presence. Once back he challenged him with a golden cup and Colapesce returned to the surface with the treasure in his hand. The third time he threw a ring and the boy dived again but noticed that one of the three columns that supported Sicily had broken and therefore his land was in danger of sinking. The King and his loved ones waited for him for days but he never returned. Legend has it that Colapesce understood that this was his task and decided to remain in the abysses, in his world, to support his land and his people."

It would be great to get a feedback from you.
Please let me know!

Thank you!